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Rustic, Outdoor Wedding Venue In San Ramon

Our multiple award winning wedding venue is hidden away from the hustle of the city on 25-private acres. Surrounded by dramatic 30- 50 ft towering oak and bay laurel trees, our woodsy, rustic chic inspired wedding venue has rich wood patterns that pops against the lush green surroundings.  Professional outdoor lighting adds an unforgettable ambiance to an already magical environment.

Our couples are free spirited, empowered, and have an eclectic mix of new ideas.  They are not bound to any specific way or idea. They are romantics at heart with a vision for turning their pinning boards into a reality.

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About The Ranch at Little Hills

The Ranch at Little Hills is a public facility operated for East Bay Regional Park District by The California Parks Company.

The Ranch at Little Hills prides itself in providing an award winning, full service wedding and reception venue. Having started as a special events venue, we discovered later on that our passion is for rustic chic weddings with couples during their most special day. With that passion and dedication, we have become one of the most popular and most photographed venue locations in the bay area.

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Wedding Venue Policy

Rental Policy | Catering Policy | Billing Policy | Cancellation Policy | Miscellaneous

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Please read and familiarize yourself with The Ranch at Little Hills Wedding Venue Policies. Complete the electronic signature when done.
For clarification or questions regarding the details and planning of your event, please
contact our Wedding Director at (925) 837-8158.

Thank you.

Rental Policy

Our wedding venue rental is a flat rate for a specified time period, not based on a per person charge.

Your rental fee includes:

  • Professional Planner & Day Coordinator
  • One hour wedding rehearsal scheduled with your Wedding Planner
  • Bridal Suite dressing area
  • Groom’s Suite
  • Expansive grounds for your wedding photography
  • Complimentary guest parking
  • Set up, break down, and clean up of facility items
  • Ceremony and reception chairs
  • 60″ round tables for your reception (8-10 guests per table)
  • Glassware, china, and flatware for dinner
  • Tables, white linens, and Ivory napkins
  • Customizable reception area layout
  • Space in the reception area for your DJ or live band
  • Exclusive use of our venue

Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Your Wedding Venue Rental is for a six and one-half (6 1/2)
hour period  OR a six hour (6) period as specified on your contract. Client/vendor set-up time is included in these rental times. Your ceremony may not begin before 5:30 pm.

Use of the premises is restricted to the actual time schedule under the
rental contract.


Note: The Ranch at Little Hills is a lovely, all outdoor, natural facility. On occasion, it may rain. There are no indoor facilities available should it rain. However, if rain is predicted at least 96 hours in advance, you can rent a tent for an additional cost to you based on availability. Please view our preferred vendor list for available options if needed.

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Catering Policy

Catering (applies to all receptions)

  1. Catering must be purchased through The Ranch at Little Hills. No additional food (except for the wedding dessert(s)) may be brought in.
  2. You must advise The Ranch at Little Hills of the GUARANTEE NUMBER (confirmed number of guests) by 12:00 noon on the Friday three full weeks before your event. Children four and under should be counted, but will not be charged. If your guarantee number does not meet the required food & beverage minimum ($7,500.00), you will be charged the difference to meet the minimum.You agree to pay for the GUARANTEE NUMBER of meals and beverages ordered.
  3. All catering is served buffet style by courteous, uniformed service staff.

Beverages (applies to all receptions)

  1. All beverages must be purchased through The Ranch at Little Hills at a per person rate. No additional beverages may be brought in without prior permission.  Any alcoholic items brought into The Ranch at Little Hills will be confiscated with the exception of pre-approved corkage items. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SERVICE REGULATIONS ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  2. No person under 21 years of age shall possess or consume any alcoholic beverages. PROOF OF AGE will be required for alcoholic beverage service. All guests should bring IDs to The Ranch at Little Hills.
  3. All beverage service is provided from a central beverage station.
  4. The Ranch at Little Hills will serve NO MORE THAN TWO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AT A TIME PER PERSON, per trip to the beverage station.
  5. Cash Bar is a service that is offered. Your bar will be tended by a Ranch at Little Hills bartender at additional cost.
  6. Beer, wine, and champagne must be consumed within your rental site boundaries. Alcoholic beverage consumption is not allowed in the parking lot or outside of the designated reception area. For your safety and the safety of others, designated drivers are highly recommended.
  7. Alcoholic beverages are served from the end of the ceremony until one hour prior to the end of your event. Iced water, iced tea, and lemonade are served at the end of the ceremony until the end of your event. Coffee and tea are served after dinner.
  8. Guests may not take home beverages for later consumption even if a group falls below its guarantee number. Please make sure the “key people” in your party are aware of this policy. Thank you. Unopened items brought in for corkage may be taken home. Even with the premium beverage package, guests under 21 will only be charged for the non-alcoholic standard beverage package. If they can’t drink the alcohol, we don’t charge you for it.
  9. Uniformed servers will pour champagne for your toasts at the table for your guests. Sparkling cider will be substituted for those under 21.

The Ranch at Little Hills reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverage service to any individual or group.

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Billing Policy

FIRST PAYMENT DUE: Upon receipt of your Facility Fee, which will serve as a First Payment/Initial deposit, and a signed copy of this contract, your event listed above will be confirmed.

SECOND PAYMENT DUE: $7,500, F&B Commitment is due 60 days prior to your event.

THIRD PAYMENT DUE: This payment will be based on your Guarantee Number/Food & Beverage minimum (whichever is greater), rentals, and all other expense items ordered by the parties. If you cannot provide us with a guarantee number 21 days prior to your event, you will be billed based on your guarantee number or site minimum, whichever is greater at the minimum meal package rate. FULL PAYMENT FOR THIS INVOICE IS DUE TO OUR OFFICE 14 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT. After a three (3) day grace period, we reserve the right to charge you an additional 10% late fee.

FOURTH PAYMENT DUE: The week after your event, you will be billed for any guarantee number increases, or any additional expenses incurred on the day of your event. Payment for these will be due in full, fifteen (15) days following your event. After a three (3) day grace period, we reserve the right to charge you an additional 10% late fee.

Food and Beverage Fee: There is a $7,500 minimum. If your Food & Beverage Subtotal is under $7,5000.00 you will be charged the difference between the F&B Minimum & Current F&B Subtotal, to meet the $7,500 minimum; regardless of which food package you choose.  You will be charged the amount of your selected food and beverage packages based on your guaranteed headcount (including vendor meals). Children 4 and under are free but should be counted.

  • Additional Fees: Any additional services/items (e.g. decoration services, rental items, etc) will be added to your total bill. Other fees included in your final bill are a 20% service charge based on your selected food and beverage and an 8.25% sales tax.

Sales Tax: Sales tax will be added where applicable as required by state law.

Service Charge: A 20% service charge for food and beverage will be added to your final bill.

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THE RANCH AT LITTLE HILLS RULES & POLICIES: The Ranch at Little Hills is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of service for you and your guests. These policies help preserve the natural beauty of The Ranch at Little Hills and they protect your health and safety. You are responsible for notifying your vendors, members of your bridal party, immediate family members, and guests of the following rules and policies:

  1. Vendors, bridal party, or family members may not arrive before your scheduled rental time.
  2. Motorized Vehicle Restrictions:
    1. No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed to drive into the park between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:30 pm.
    2. Only vehicles owned by DJs, band members, florists, bakers/dessert vendors, photographers, photo booth technicians, officiants, and other vendors may drive in to drop off equipment, flowers, cake, etc. prior to set-up. Written, advance notice is required for all vehicles driving into the park before 4:30 pm.
    3. All vehicles owned by bridal party, family members, and guests must park in the front parking lot and are not allowed to park inside the park. Vehicles are NEVER allowed in the park between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:30 pm. Exceptions can be made for vehicles being used to transport disabled persons to your ceremony location.
  3. Music and Amplified Music Restrictions:
    1. Amplified sound/music used at the Pergola Deck during wedding
      ceremonies is restricted to a distance of 75 feet.
    2. Amplified sound/music used at the Oak Knoll Reception Area is restricted to a distance of 200 feet. Amplified music is allowed, but cannot be so loud that is can be heard by our surrounding neighbors. If your music is too loud, we will request that it be turned down to a level that is acceptable in the above guidelines. We reserve the right to terminate your music without notice
      if it continues to be too loud.
    3. Amplified music cannot be played after 10:00 pm.
  4. Do not use any tape, tacks, nails, staples, or wire while fastening flower arrangements or other decorations onto the Pergola Deck, since the wood surface can be damaged.
  5. When taking pictures on the property or surrounding areas please do not stand in or walk through the flower beds. We ask the same courtesy of your photographer.
  6. Due to the organic and wildlife preserve status of The Ranch at Little Hills you may not use rice, birdseed, seeds, or release birds or butterflies in the park.
  7. Due to the fire danger, the following are prohibited:
    1. No tiki torches.
    2. No sparklers.
    3. No fireworks.
    4. No open flames (enclosed candles are allowed).
    5. Unity Candles used inside the Pergola Deck are allowed; otherwise open flames of any kind are prohibited.
  8. No weapons (i.e. knives, guns, swords or sabers, etc.) of any kind are allowed in the park.
  9. No dogs, birds, or other animals may be brought into the park.
  10. We reserve the right to remove any guest for displaying inappropriate behavior or for interfering with The Ranch at Little Hills employees.
  11. During your event, you are responsible and will be subjected to charges after your event, for any theft or damage made by you or your guests to any equipment and/or property of The Ranch at Little Hills.
  12. Arrangements for rental items may be made through The Ranch at Little Hills.
  13. The Ranch at Little Hills is not responsible for any lost or damaged rental items and any fees incurred by the rental company for these reasons will be charged to you.
  14. The Ranch at Little Hills is not responsible for any personal items left behind after your event.
  15. The Ranch at Little Hills cannot allow any glassware, such as wine or champagne glasses, or alcohol of any kind to be distributed as favors unless they are in an enclosed container so your guests will not use/consume them during your reception. Candle favors must also be in a bag/box so guests will not light candles, as we do not allow open flames.
  16. We reserve the right to end alcohol service and/or the event at any time if for any reason we feel that the behavior or alcohol consumption is getting out of control. The safety of your guests and our employees is our top priority.
  17. Urban Park Concessionaires dba The Ranch at Little Hills shall be excused from performance during the time and to the extent that Urban Park Concessionaires dba The Ranch at Little Hills is prevented from performing in the customary manner by acts of God, fire, strikes, picketing, inability to obtain supplies or other unavoidable causes.
  18. Planning Meetings:  In order for our staff to create the best event for you and the planning process to go as efficiently as possible, please cooperate with planning meeting materials needed and their deadlines.

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Cancellation Policy


The parties agree that the amounts of deposits will constitute liquidated damages in the event of a cancellation. If cancellation occurs prior to 30 days after receipt of signed agreement, there will be no penalty for cancellation. After 30 days of receipt of signed agreement, the liquidated damages would be 100% of the TOTAL Facility Use Fee. If cancellation occurs within 180 days (6 months) prior to contracted event date; liquidated damages would be 100% of the TOTAL Facility Use Fee plus 50% of contracted Food & Beverage Minimum, $7,500.00. Cancellation policy applies to any/all date changes.

Payment of cancellation damages is due at the same time that you deliver your written notice of cancellation to the Venue. We may consider your notice of cancellation to be invalid and thus may not release accommodations held until payment of the applicable cancellation damages is received; therefore, delay in payment may result in higher cancellation damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Venue | Venue Policy


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the space hold? Is that number seated or standing?

We have room for a maximum of 250 people. That is for seated and standing.

What is excluded from the rental fee? How many hours does the rental rate include?

The rental fee does not cover food and beverage, taxes, and service charges. But these items will be included later in your final bill. Depending on the day of your wedding, your rental period is for either 6 or 6.5 hours.

How much is an additional hour?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the facility with other events taking place during the day, we cannot allow for extended rental times. Your rental time is from 4:30-11:00pm for Fridays and Sundays & 5:00PM-11:00pm on Saturdays.  We are also happy to host day weddings on Sundays from 10:00am-4:30pm.

*Note: If any contracted parties and/or their guests are on The Ranch at Little Hills property for any amount of time beyond designated event time, a $250 fee (in one-hour increments) will be charged up to $500.

How many parking spots are available for guests?

We have 120 parking spaces available in our main lot. You will have no need to rent extra parking.

Can I use any vendor or do you have a list of preferred vendors?

We do have a list of preferred vendors who are vetted, insured, and do quality work!  They come recommended because we like them and we know you will, too.  But you may choose to bring in your own if you would like. We do require all vendors to be licensed and insured and will need to review and sign our vendor policy form.

You can find a list of our preferred vendors here:  https://littlehillsweddings.com/your-wedding/vendors/

Do you do all set up and tear down of the items you provide?

Yes, we handle all set up, breakdown, and cleanup of facility items.

When can I begin set up on my wedding day?

You contracted rental time is includes your set-up time.   That is when your vendors, family, bridal party, etc. may enter the venue and begin setting up.   Our staff will have all facility items for your wedding set up before your arrival for a smooth décor and vendor setup process. Please note all vehicles are only allowed in the venue the first and last 30 minutes of your contracted rental time.

If we have an outdoor element, do you provide a backup location if the weather is bad?

There are no indoor facilities available should it rain. However, if rain is predicted at least 96 hours (4 days) in advance, you can rent tenting for an additional cost to you based on availability. We keep a close eye on the 10-day weather forecast and will make the best recommendations possible.

Are there any restrictions on use of the space? (eg. no open flame candles, etc)

Yes, the following are a list of restrictions we have at The Ranch at Little Hills.

Are there restrictions on photography or videography?

We do require that photographers, videographers & DJ’s provide proof of liability insurance with coverage for $1 million.

Liability Insurance certificate in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate naming Urban Park Concessionaires and East Bay Regional Park District as additional insureds.

Must be named on certificate plus endorsement attached

Urban Parks Concessionaires

The California Parks Company

2150 Main Street, Suite 5

Red Bluff, CA 96080


East Bay Regional Parks

18012 Bollinger Canyon Road

San Ramon, Ca 94583

Your vendors can get temporary vendor insurance from VendorInsureNow.com 

Do I need to get any permits or insurance for the wedding?

We have all the necessary permits that are required for your wedding, however, you are welcome to purchase event insurance for your special day.

You can find that here!  http://theeventhelper.com.

Is there a bridal room and a groom’s suite?

Yes! We have a lovely bridal suite complete with two closets for storage and a groom’s room that comes with a linen rack, mirror and much more we affectionately refer to as The Man Cave for your use.  We recommend coming with hair and make-up done, changing into your wedding attire here and storing your belongings here.  These locations can be locked upon request and are open to you for the duration of your rental time.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit is your site rental fee, $4275 for a Friday and Sunday wedding or $5,345 for a Saturday wedding.  This is due two weeks after your contract is sent. There is a $50 service charge on returned checks.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take cashier’s check, money order, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.  Please make checks payable to Urban Park Concessionaires.

How do their menu tasting sessions work?

We have a Bridal Faire each spring and offer tastings of our hors d’oeuvres. All couples that have reserved The Ranch at Little Hills for their special day are invited to a separate private tasting early spring so they can taste the menu offerings before deciding on their menu selections.

Is there plenty of natural light or will dark conditions make it tricky for our photographer? Will we need to hire in any extra lighting?

We always start your ceremony at a time when natural lighting won’t be a concern for your photographer. During the darker hours of your event, we have a well-lit reception area with lamps on each post of the surrounding fence, bistro lights lining the tent, two spotlights highlighted from each corner, and pre-lit oak trees surrounding the fence. This creates an intimate and romantic candle lit ambiance. While we feel, this is plenty of lighting and works well for photographers, if you feel this will not be enough light, we can provide a list of recommended vendors that can be contracted to bring in extra lighting to your taste.

What chairs and tableware will we use?

Included in your site booking fee is the use of our ceremony and reception chairs (padded folding chairs with a choice of white or mahogany), 60” round tables for your reception (up to 10 guests per table), tables and linens for your guest book, gift, and dessert tables.

How many other weddings are likely to take place on the same day/weekend as ours, if any?

As a picnic and special events venue, we do hold multiple events each day.  However, there will never be another wedding or event taking place at the same time as yours. When you book with us, the venue is exclusively yours during your contracted rental time.

What are our bar options and can we see a bar price list?

Based on the beverage package you select, we provide a fully staffed soft-serve bar stocked with wine, beer (of your selected choice from our provided list) and champagne. Beverage service will begin when your ceremony ends. Alcoholic beverage service will end one hour before the end of your rental period.

Below is a sample of some of our current offerings:

House Red
House White

House Champagne
Anchor Steam
Coors Light Beer

Guests who appear to be under the age of 35 will be asked for identification when ordering. Each person may order 2 beverages per visit to the bar

Can we supply our own beverages and will there be a corkage charge?

Should you want to bring in your own bottles of wine or sparkling wine/champagne there is a $25.00/bottle corkage fee, otherwise, all alcoholic beverages must be purchased through The Ranch at Little Hills. We are happy to work with a licensed distributor to bring in your preferred beverage of choice.

Any other alcoholic items brought into The Ranch at Little Hills will be confiscated. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE SERVICE REGULATIONS ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

What is the last possible date that we can make changes?

Aside from changes made due to inclement weather (must be made 96 hours prior to your event), all changes must be made no later than 21 days prior to your event date.

Is there room for a band or dancing?

Yes, we have ample space for a 3 to 5 member band our reception site has plenty of dance floor space.  If you are hiring a band which requires excessive use, we do require additional power be provided (whisper generators will do just fine!) at an additional fee to you.

Does the venue already own a sound system with adequate speakers, or will that need to be rented?

We do not. You will need to make arrangements with your DJ or band to have that provided.

Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the decor and when will it be completed?

Our wedding staff ensures that all facility items are set up and taken down for your event. You can select the decorating service as an additional fee through The Ranch at Little Hills and we will take care of your decor. We ask that you provide clear instructions for the set-up of your decor when you bring them to us at your wedding rehearsal. If the decorating service is not selected, you are responsible for your own decor setup. We recommend designating at least 3-5 friends and family to arrive at the beginning of your contracted rental time and be responsible for this task.

Can we make adjustments to your menus?

Our menus can be customized to your desires, within our kitchen and service capacity.  Additional fees may apply.

What about rehearsals for the ceremony?

Your rehearsal is included in the facility use fee and will be scheduled for the Thursday before your wedding day. They are scheduled for 1 hour.

Can I take any leftover food or beverages?

Local Health Department rulings regarding proper refrigeration and sanitation prohibit you from taking any food or beverage from The Ranch at Little Hills, with the exception of your wedding cake.

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